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Say Nello to the future of moving money.

Nello is the modern Fintech interface for your bank account. Experience the future of payments with your money safe with the banks you trust.

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A single interface for your money, directly from your bank account.

Rather than using maintaining separate bank balances on each of your apps, connect your bank account with Nello and have direct access to all your accounts.

Decide on the amount of money you want to send and we'll take care of the rest. We'll find the fastest cheapest route for your money to reach there.

Moving money at the speed of light,from account to account.

Singular Nello ID

Your account details are abstracted behind a single ID which you can share with your receivers and senders safely.

Connect all your Accounts, Credit Cards, and Debit Cards with Nello, and enjoy seamless checkout experiences with each of them.

Intelligent Routing Layer

Our intelligent routing layer figures out the fastest rails for your payments to flow through. You just need to send that money and we'll make sure it gets there cheap and fast.

Direct Bank Integrations

We integrate directly with major banks and all others through our partners. Your money is safe with the bank you trust, regulated by FDIC.

The all-in-one app for everything finance.

Rather than splitting your entire financial life through multiple apps, keep track of it all through a single fintech app.

1-click checkout

Rather than entering your details for the nth time on some unknown payment site, give your Nello ID and continue from there. No more getting your card details stolen. If you want you can even share your address for a truly one-click experience.

International Transactions

Send money from one Nello account to another, we have partnered with Wise™ to get you the fastest and cheapest international transactions possible.

Expense Tracking

With our state-of-the-art ML/AI, pipelines find out where every single dollar is going.

Subscription Management

Connect your Nello ID to see all your subscriptions on your various accounts. Cancel subscriptions from your Nello App itself. Never lose a single dollar on overpaying subscriptions.

Credit Card Bill Payments

Link your Credit Cards and your bank accounts to set auto-debits to your credit card bills. Never miss a deadline again.

Split with Friends and Family

No one likes paying for everyone's party. Split your payments and let the money flow.

The safest place for your money to be.

Keep your money with the banks you already trust and use.

FDIC Insured

With transaction-based authentication and our state-of-the-art fraud detection systems, the network has near zero fraud.

Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Auth is the default, every transaction needs pre-approval.

Near Zero Fraud

With transaction based authentication and our state-of-the-art fraud detection systems, the network has near zero fraud.

Safe Account Details

Sensitive account detail information is never shared with third parties. Card Numbers, Account information is never seen by them which opens them up for fraud.

Coming to a bank account near you, this November.

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